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In view of the energy transition (Law of August 17, 2015), citizens must change their relationship to energy and change some of their habits (transportation, electricity consumption, digital uses, purchase of products ...). To encourage changes in behavior, it seems essential to focus on the education of future citizens in the school setting. The aim of this ECAD project, "Eco-Citizen Actors of Tomorrow", is to characterize, in schools, the resistance, the brakes and the psychological levers to commitment and "acting out" in matters of energy savings. The project consists in analyzing teacher practices in secondary schools in the Center-Val de Loire Region through a quantitative study of teachers' practices and a qualitative study in institutions involved in sustainable development education projects related to energy savings. The impact of these projects on changing habits and student engagement will also be analyzed. The ECAD project will provide new tools, resources and methods for teachers, schools and the general public.

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