VMI Group, a specialist and forerunner, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing VMI® (Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation®) since 1986. VMI Group offers efficient, intelligent and reliable systems, guaranteed for 5 years and manufactured in France. The company has a European network of installation partners trained and accompanied by a technical sales team. VENTILAIRSEC helps to build and size your projects. VMI develops solutions tailored to the needs of users both in terms of indoor air quality and energy performance.


VMI is the designer of mechanical ventilation by insufflation®. It is a simple system of installation because little intrusive (little sheath). Ideal for the control of indoor air quality (filtration, hygroregulated flow). The insufflation allows the destrafication, the sweeping of all the housing, the evacuation of the internal pollutants (humidity, CO2, VOC) and the opposition to the reassemblies of the radon thanks to the slight overpressure. The VMI® is a preferred vector to ensure a need for heating and / or cooling by solutions using renewable energies such as solar. VMI innovates by associating indoor air quality for health and ENR for energy balance. ¼ of the workforce is dedicated to R & D. moreover Ventilairsec has a strong partnership with CEA and INES.

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