Through its 3 subsidiaries, VERGNET SA (wind activity), VERGNET HYDRO (hydraulic activity) and PHOTALIA (photovoltaic activity), the VERGNET Group designs, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains innovative materials for energy production on the FARWIND ® market and rural water supply. The VERGNET Group represents 250 employees. "Contribute and satisfy everywhere and for all, humanity vital needs in water and energy, with products and innovative and adapted services using renewable energies", is their commitment, their contribution to sustainable development. Vergnet has complementary skills in the wind and hydraulic areas: • Design, manufacture, installation of wind turbines on the FARWIND ®market thanks to its original technology of bi-blade folding in less than an hour in case of cyclone alert. • Design, manufacture, installation of the "Vergnet hydropump". Today, the Group is growing in the general field of water supply and manufacture made-to-measure pumps: pumps on foot (the traditional Vergnet hydropump) or arm (Hydrovolanta), with wheel (HydroIndia).

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