REVAME is a consulting and engineering company specializing in the control of energy applied to the building and housing sector. The company REVAME accompanies its customers since the expression of needs, the definition of the specifications and the pre-studies, until the realization of the projects. His experience and skills allow REVAME to work on architectural management issues and on design and development of specific products for the measurement or management of physical quantities related to comfort and energy performance. Due to its activity and that of its subsidiaries, REVAME is also a major player in renovation programs in the field of building energy management and the comfort of its occupants. The group designs, produces and markets hybrid architectures built around clean solutions and market solutions. These easy-to-deploy solutions help reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while ensuring optimum comfort for occupants.


REVAME's areas of expertise revolve around: ? Advice and assistance ? Studies and technical engineering ? Automatism and electronics ? Software design and solutions. Knowledge of the issues related to communication protocols and media, standard software interfaces and the constraints of their applications, have allowed Revame to acquire the control and the know-how necessary to build hybrid architectures to make the most of of each technology, while avoiding their implementation constraints. These skills apply in the areas of Ethernet / IP communication, carrier current (CPL) and radiofrequency (RF).

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