Reuniwatt is a Young Innovative Company dedicated to smart energy and improving the performance of power grids. Reuniwatt provides solutions for: - the forecast of photovoltaic (PV) energy production with Soleka, - Climate information systems and project management assistance for all types of projects related to the energy mix. Soleka, Reuniwatt's flagship product, is a unique and patented solution that allows massive and secure insertion of PV into power grids. Soleka provides forecasts at different time horizons, allowing different Smart Grids actors to better manage this energy.


The aim of Reuniwatt is to insert a maximum of photovoltaic energy into the electricity grid in order to release all the solar potential. Thus, Reuniwatt is expert in technical fields including: - Meteorology, - satellite remote sensing, - artificial intelligence, - time series analysis, - the quantification of the risk, - geographical and climatic information systems, - or the Big Data. Thanks to its panel of expert offers, Reuniwatt transforms intermittent energy into guaranteed energy.

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