OXEAU Metering

OXEAU Metering is a Startup oriented in the internet of the object and the development of signal analysis in connected object. By investing heavily in R & D, we are developing signal capture and analysis equipment in the field of water. As the owner of innovative patents in this field, we aim to develop and market our smart home and industrial products.


Electronic Maintenance, Mechatronics, Industrial Drawings 2D 3D, CAD CAD. - Computer science: Web Development: JQuerry - JquerryUI, MooTools, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript - AJAX, Leaflet, ChartJS, BootStrap, TinyMCE, MAP API (Google maps) DBMS software: Qgis, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, MySQL Others: Excel (VBA), 2D / 3D CAD - R & D in engineering and IT architecture: OLAP, BI, GIS - Conception and algorithmic formulation on mathematical, statistical, topological bases.

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OXEAU Metering

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