------------ - 12/02/2021 10:16:02 ------------ NKE Electronics designs, manufactures and installs sensor-based intelligent and communicative instruments and systems. Its applications are in the fields of environment and safety: • Instrumentation aimed at measuring the quality of seawater on the planet, in lakes and freshwater reservoirs • Control of heating and ventilation systems, based especially on renewable energies • Safety for the autopilot system of sailboats and MOB. • Safety for the applications of partner customers such as seismic measurement, elite sports refereeing (rally raid, fencing...), physical security in banking, casting... The company has 4 main trades: marine electronics, heating control, instruments for oceanography and challenging environments, and engineering Thanks to its know-how acquired in various fields, NKE continuously offers original solutions which associate mechanics, micro-electronics and industrial data processing, whether embedded or on PC. This know-how relies on an integrated engineering and design department made up of a team of more than 30 people (8 project leaders, 20 engineers, 6 technicians).


nke Watteco is the European leader in smart sensor solutions and multiprotocol remote data collection systems such as : The IPv6/6LoWPAN protocol and bidirectional, long-range, low-power LoRa radio technology with dynamic bandwidth management (300 b/s to 50 kb/s). The low bandwidth, low-power and long-range SigFox protocol. The Wireless M-Bus protocol Electronic skills : Low-power analog electronics Digital electronics Radiofrequency Embedded system Electromagnetic measurements Mechanical design and plastics engineering

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