LIFINEO is an equipment manufacturer which develops its innovative technology of data transmission by light known as "VSL" or "Voice on Light". LIFINEO creates intelligent communications systems based on lighting. Its technology, which belongs to the VLC (Visible Light Communication) and LIFI (Light Fidelity) family, transmits an analog type signal with the same characteristics and frequency bands as the voice. By transforming each LED light into an ultra secure communication station, LIFINEO is revolutionizing the geolocation of people and objects and reinventing the connection between humans and connected objects.


Lifineo transforms each light into a station, you change it by moving from one light to another. Communication under the light is ultra secure there because it is limited to the illuminated space. Lifineo creates networks to optimize energy management tools. Lifineo is also networks to manage the flow of goods and people thanks to connected objects. Lifineo generates data that is always more secure, always more energy efficient, always more respectful of the environment. A true breakthrough technology, it allows companies and manufacturers to transform their LED lighting networks into secure, intelligent communication networks that can be associated with all connected objects. The expertise is supported by a portfolio of patents and own intellectual property, developed internally by a multidisciplinary team of engineers. Areas of expertise cover several fields of activity such as health, transport, smart city, security and robotization in industries, ERP, museums

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