CITYPROGRESS is fully in line with the energy transition and CSR and provides innovative solutions to meet the new challenges of urban delivery: - Reduce GHG emissions (- 50% / thermal PL) - Increase the daily delivery capacity (+ 50% / PL) - Reduce arduousness (- 30%) - Improve the safety of delivery people (+ 30%) Faced with traffic and parking restrictions for heavy goods vehicles in the city center CITYPROGRESS offers a solution (material and digital) for urban logistics for the last mile which guarantees the delivery of goods on pallets / containers to professionals in the center. This service is based on an innovative concept, the Mobile Hub, which uses 2 complementary means of transport: - A heavy vehicle (16 pallet capacity trailer with non-polluting HGV tractor) for transporting goods from the peri-urban platform to the urban logistics area. - The CITY UP, small electric vehicle (2.5 m x 1.4 m) equipped with a Hydrogen heat pump, transporting 2 pallets (payload 1 t) with automatic earthing without the help of the delivery person. In this logistics organization, the heavy vehicle stops on the outskirts of the city center (outside the restricted traffic area) on an urban logistics area on which the CITYUP is parked. This logistics area allows vehicles to be parked for several hours. When the heavy vehicle arrives, the CITY UP collects the pallets directly from the trailer (without handling by the delivery person) and delivers them to the city center as close as possible to the end customer.


Logistics, urban logistics of the last km, electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle, hydrogen and fuel cell

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