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Custom-made specialist for 30 years, ARCOM Centre – Val de Loire manages its clients' projects in their entirety: • Integrator, the company is a specialist in turnkey projects, able to implement as many skills as needed either technical, human and financial skills for its clients achievements. • Its system of traceability ensures a strict working monitoring. • Having an approval number, ARCOM CVL is able to train its customers’ operators that can be supported in the context of corporate training plans. Over the years, ARCOM CVL has developed expertise in the following areas: >> Automation - Control: from design to bringing into service on site, through programming and wiring, it implements projects by answering exactly customers’ specifications or simple expression of their need, in new or under renovation. Inventive and innovative, its expertise is recognized in the profession especially in restrictive environments. >> Integrated multi businesses: its expertise in land grids allows itself to integrate multi-brand products and solutions and answer to many problems both in the field of industry in general and in the field of technical management building. >> Industrial computer: production monitoring, data acquisition and processing, tracking, specific programs ... its applications meet the needs of customers according to industrial quality and reliability requirements. Controlling interoperable land grids, the company is able to interface with multiple devices and make them communicate. >> Instrumentation: through its grids of intelligent and communicative sensors, ARCOM CVL controls the production lines in many sites around the world in the sectors of metallurgy, mining, industrial waste recycling, etc. Its staff measure and control various physical, electrical and mechanical magnitude both in production and in bench in laboratory. ARCOM CVL is present in the fields of armament, automotive, mechanical engineering, and building.

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ARCOM Centre – Centre Val de Loire

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