A3IP is a French company specialized in electronics and embedded systems (sensor networks, smart systems, ...). Its main product line is “PEGASE-instrumentation”, which offers a wide range of products to monitor any structure: “Strain gauge”: displacement gauges, temperature, accelerometer “CASC”: acoustic supervision of bridge cables (rupture detection) “FISSUROMETER”: follow-up of cracks propagation “MOTORWAYS / RAILWAYS”: civil engineering and metallic structures monitoring “GPS”: structural movement using a high-precision GPS (1cm) “POLLUTION”: multi-parameters physiochemical measurements of urban pollution Customers can also purchase generic development cards for their own needs, or create a full design from needs for an industrial product. We provide courses to learn about PEGASE-Instrumentation and develop own solutions. Key points “UTC”: microsecond precision in a wireless world, remote control in real time of several PEGASE-Instrumentation, wireless sensor networks, energy efficient, can be deployed everywhere powered by a solar panel, web-clouding monitoring interface, available on PC, tablet and smartphone. PEGASE-Instrumentation benefits from competences, expertise and feedback from the IFSTTAR lab, partners as CEREMA and Power-Lan and customers as EUROVIA, COFIROUTE, COLAS, SNCF, GE Energy, DIR and more.


Design, production and manufacture of PCB : low consumption products, communicating objects, robotics. Electric mobility (bicycle, car, plane): battery pack management and motor control. Embedded software, supervision, web, database. Instrumentation: Calibration, deployment, exploitation.

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