HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-01-05 : Hybrid electric energy storage solutions for grid support and charging infrastructure

The objective is to design and demonstrate in at least three different use cases a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) capable of long duration storage and provision of multiple services for supporting the electrical grid and EV charging infrastructure.

In particular, proposals are expected to:

  • Design and demonstrate a sustainable and safe HESS either combining different battery technologies, including next-gen technologies, or combining batteries and other electrostatic/electrochemical storage technologies (e.g., supercapacitors) aiming at providing long duration storage while ensuring the possibility of service-stacking and enabling ultra-fast services. Use of second life battery modules is within the scope. The proposed storage solution should be scalable and modular and show clear innovation with respect to the state of the art (new materials or new designs), always bearing in mind the objectives of sustainability and performance. Proper power conversion devices should be selected or customized for enabling an efficient operation of the hybrid storage in grid-connected, grid-following and grid-forming modes.
  • Perform a life cycle assessment of the HESS starting from the design phases to ensure its sustainability along the entire value chain, also avoiding, whenever possible, or limiting the use of CRMs.
  • Develop physics-based and data-driven digital models of HESS supporting optimal design, and real-time management and diagnosis as well as facilitating the inclusion of storage in grid-planning processes considering forecasted weather conditions, production and consumption. Models should allow the combination of different battery technologies based on specific use cases.
  • Develop and validate management policies and control systems (battery management systems and energy management systems) for HESS that maximise the benefits of a hybrid storage, facilitate asset management and participation in electricity and service markets. Pending amendments to the Renewable Energy Directive to be taken into account in development of the BMS.
  • Demonstrate HESS usage in at least three different use cases in collaboration with relevant stakeholders (e.g., DSO, EV charging infrastructure owners) and its integration in standard grid architectures (Smart Grids Architecture Model – SGAM) ensuring interoperability for most use cases of energy storage systems (e.g., provision of services to the European grid, supporting islanded and weak distribution grids, load levelling for charging stations).
  • Analyse business cases of the proposed hybrid solution considering electricity and balancing markets of three representative EU Member States/Associated Countries, also assessing the applications where HESS provides improved techno-economic performances compared to non-is hybridized storage systems.

Proposals are expected to establish links with projects funded under the following topic: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-01-10 – Interoperable solutions for flexibility services using distributed energy storage.

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Date limite : 18 . 04 . 2023 à 12:00


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