HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-02-16 : Accelerating the green transition and energy access in Africa

The proposal should demonstrate innovative sustainable renewable energy solutions that improve climate adaptation and/or mitigation potential compared to other technologies/solutions in the African social, economic and environmental contexts. The proposal may address development of renewable energy sources, including solutions for off-grid communities, and their integration into the existing energy system. Proposals should consider the generation of renewable energy, and where relevant the transmission, and the use of storage/battery systems.

The action should cover either urbanised or rural contexts in Africa. It should contribute to reducing the stress on the water-energy-food nexus, with the aim of providing sustainable renewable energy access and creating other socio-economic benefits such as improved health, economic wealth and jobs.

Conditions d'éligibilité


Coûts réels.
Taux entreprise : 70%

Informations sur le projet

Date limite : 05 . 09 . 2023 à 12:00


  • PME
  • ETI
  • Groupe
  • Académique

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