HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-01-05 : Modelling for local resilience

Modelling for local resilience – Developments in support of local adaptation assessments and plans.


The EU strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change stresses the need to increase local resilience, as one of its key implementation actions. The Horizon Europe Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change has been launched in September 2021 with the aim to support at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030. Yet resources and tools to address adaptation at the local level are often scarce. To improve the support to local adaptation action it is essential to increase the availability, reliability, accessibility and resolution of climate information, in combination with non-climatic natural and anthropogenic drivers, at local and regional scale considering local specificities.

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Date limite : 18 . 04 . 2023 à 12:00


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