HORIZON-CL5-2023-D4-02-01 : Innovative uses of lifecycle data

Innovative uses of lifecycle data for the management of buildings and buildings portfolios (Built4People Partnership).

European buildings are producing an increasing amount of data on energy and non-energy uses. More and better data can lead to enhanced consumer information, contribute to an effective management of energy grids and support the creation of innovative energy services, new business models and financing schemes for distributed clean energy. Data is also a key enabler for reliable and effective policymaking, e.g. for climate policies. Several recent projects have focused on developing big data facilities and data analytics tools to monitor the energy performance of buildings based on energy related data. More work is needed to integrate energy data with lifecycle data (e.g. GHG emissions and removals, materials, water, health, comfort, life cycle cost and value, etc.), in order to optimise the performance of buildings and buildings’ portfolios across the board and support the decision making of owners/tenants/developers to transform existing and planned physical assets (buildings or buildings’ assets, e.g. distributed energy generation, e-mobility recharging infrastructure, micro-grids, building systems).

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