HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-33 : Electrification of high temperature heating systems

The proposals should:

  • Integrate existing highly efficient technologies, e.g., induction heating, hybrid operation between electric heating and zero-carbon fuel heating microwave and plasma technologies, electric resistances, and/or the combination with digital technologies or hybrid modelling; this may include the development of high temperature heat storage for flexible usage of electricity (load shifting) or renewable electricity production (production fluctuation);
  • Take a holistic approach which may include aspects such as advanced materials requirements and appropriate equipment design;
  • Improve the process safety, flexibility, and ease of process control;
  • Showcase the improved performance through at least one realistic use case that can be replicable in more than one process industry sector with demonstrable economic return.

Conditions d'éligibilité


Coûts rééls.
Taux entreprise : 60%

Informations sur le projet

Date limite : 20 . 04 . 2023 à 12:00


  • PME
  • ETI
  • Groupe
  • Académique

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