HORIZON-CL4-2023-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-51 : Pervasive photonics

Pervasive photonics – multi-technology integration for digital infrastructure, sensors and internet of things.

Proposals should address one of the following areas of activities:

  • Co-integration of photonics and microelectronics on single or multiple die (‘chiplet’ approach)
  • Co-integration of multiple photonic IC material systems or components to address new wavelengths and sensor functions or new computing paradigms

Proposals should demonstrate at least two use cases linked to commercial applications for example in computing, communications, robotic and autonomous systems, sensors or Internet of Things.

Conditions d'éligibilité


Informations sur le projet

Date limite : 29 . 03 . 2023 à 12:00


  • PME
  • ETI
  • Groupe
  • Académique

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