published at 21/10/2014

The S2E2 certification

Formation :

A major asset in obtaining public funds !

S2E2 certification may be granted to a joint R&D project whose subject fall within the cluster's Strategic Business Units (SBUs). This is a gareanteeoff credibility awarded by S2E2's Scientific Council, which is an essantial step in obtainning certain public funds

In orders to access certification is based on the following 4 main criteria:

1-The innovative aspects

  • Identification of the technological bottlenecks,
  • credibility of proposed solutions to overcome these barriers
  • technological feasibility

2-The quality of the consortium

  • Solidity of the project developer and its partners
  • complementary nature of the members
  • quality of the organisation for successfully completing the project

3-Value creation

  • Ability to access the market
  • Soundness and importance of the target market
  • economic, scientific, social and societal spin-offs envisaged
  • quality and viability of the economic model

4-The strategic aspects

  • Coherence of the project positioning in relation to the strategy of the S2E2 cluster


To receive labelling, each technological project or platform must adhere to the labelling process* drawn up by the Scientific Council.
Completed applications must be sent at least 10 days prior to the Council’s monthly meetings. In this way members can study the application in the run-up and suggest possible evolutions if needed. 

For any labelling request and to receive the corresponding application, please contact:

Technical Manager
(Tours, France)
+33(0)2 47 42 49 83

Graziella MARY
European Project Developper
(Brussels, Belgium) :
+33(0)6 10 33 49 48

Stéphane OURY
Project Developper
(La Roche-sur-Yon, France)
+33(0)2 51 36 94 02

Philippe LOYER
Project Developper
(Nantes, France) :
+33(0)2 4025 89 00

Fabrice LE DAIN
Project Developper
(Nantes, France)
+33(0)6 66 39 55 43