published at 23/10/2014

Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI)

Formation :

Labelling: Mandatory

It is intended to fund the development of collaborative R&D projects, labelled by one (or several) competitive cluster(s).

The projects supported are applied research projects, for bringing into existence innovative processes, products or services, with a potential to launch it on the market over the short or medium term (3 years max. after the end of the project).


Comprising at least two companies and a public research or training establishment. The project developer must be a venture capable of demonstrating managerial and unifying qualities.

Global budget

Greater than €750k and limited to €5M.

Funding method

Maximum subsidies of 45% of the project budget for SMEs, 30% pour ETIs with fewer than 2,000 employees, 100% of the marginal costs or 40% of the complete costs for research organisations.

Basic selection criteria

The economic spin-offs and the technological quality of the project.