published at 23/10/2014

Framework programme for research and technological development (FPRTD) - Horizon2020

Formation :

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The HORIZON 2020 programme, that came into force on 1 January 2014, groups together European Union funding in terms of research and innovation and is structured around three main priorities: scientific excellence, industrial pre-eminence and societal challenges.

Several categories of devices are attached to H2020.
Among these we can list:


A consortium must present a project according to convocations published in the work programmes outlined by the European Commission. 2 to 3 projects are selected per subject with defined budgets 

Funding method


  • up to 100% for the R&D/research projects
  • 70% (+25% of the indirect costs) for projects with areas of work similar to a market function (test, prototypes, demonstrators...).


The objective of this device is to highlight economic growth by contributing to the emergence of technologies with a level of maturity enabling a rapid launch on the market.

The eligible subjects are very varied and are left to the initiative of the project developers

Funding method

Subsidies up to 70% of the eligible expenses (+25% of the indirect costs).