published at 23/10/2014

S2E2 com' kit

"With the S2E2 cluster, reveal the energy within our regions"
Formation :

As members, you are the first prescribers to the S2E2 cluster with your own network of suppliers, service providers, clients and partners. For this reason we’re placing different communication tools at your disposal so as we can benefit from S2E2’s brand image and participate in the promotion of the S2E2 network with potential partners or members.

What is the S2E2 communication kit?

It is a set of copyright free graphic tools and promotional media able to be used at no expense on your communication media: leaflets, magazines, websites, social networks, event stands…

This kit comprises:

  • Visuals (logos, banners, images…)
  • The S2E2 video
  • Press announcements
  • The cluster’s brochure
  • The presentation of the cluster
  • Useful information about the cluster

What is the appeal of the communication kit

  1. To provide the cluster with better visibility via its ecosystem (members, partners, financiers, support structures…)
  2. To unfurl a visual identity for the S2E2 cluster that is coherent across its entire region
  3. To enable the partners to show they belong to the S2E2 network and thus benefit from spin-offs from the cluster’s communication
  4. To offer simple and turnkey tools, easy to integrate in graphic charters or existing media 
  5. To have useful information about the cluster

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