published at 21/10/2014

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7 reasons to join the S2E2 cluster!
Formation :

To work together, innovate and develop your products of the future

oining S2E2 is synonymous with boosting your competitiveness by integrating a dynamic network of research and training companies and establishments in your line of business.

To be supported in your research and development approach?

Subscribing to S2E2 enables you to benefit from the cluster’s technological and scientific expertise and personalised support in your innovation approach.

To develop your partnership relationships?

The cluster prompts meetings and facilitates exchanges with experts in your line of business and protagonists in your markets, by organising different events throughout the year to enable you to access new skills, identify opportunities, accelerate your growth and reach new markets, both in France and overseas.

To find out about and monitor your environment?

On joining S2E2, benefit from a network of exchanges and information, benefit from technological, competitive and regulatory monitoring tools available to members of the cluster and participate in events, which we organise, meeting your peers, visiting members’ sites and discovering the latest technological advances in your markets.

“Join S2E2 to increase your notoriety
and develop your competitiveness”.

To develop your expertise and your skills?

Subscribing to S2E2 is also synonymous with developing your skills both internally and externally, by benefiting from the training sessions offered by S2E2 and discovering the latest skills developments in your line of business.

To benefit from our brand image!

The cluster’s team facilitates your relationships with the media and offers you opportunities to develop your visibility among professionals in your line of business.


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