published at 21/10/2014

The Strategic Business Units (SBUs) referents

In order to be in line with the order from the public powers, namely: “The switch from the project factory to the product factory” within the context of version 3.0 of the competitive clusters, the cluster is equipped with "Strategic Business Units (SBUs) referents".
Formation :

These Strategic Business Area (DAS) referents, 5 in total, have an advisory role among the cluster’s governing bodies, as well as an expert role with technological advisors by bringing their knowledge of the markets to the fore and getting involved in piloting the Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to which they are attached.

A mission at the service of the S2E2 cluster

  • To assess the scale and relevance of the cluster’s strategic leanings towards the products/market pairing and the most iconic projects mounted by the cluster (FUI, AMI, PIA…)
  • To offer an opinion about the quality and complementary nature of the consortia, the economic viability and coherence of the project’s envisaged outlets, whatever its level of maturity (emerging or advanced) and notably the balance between the technologies and the needs expressed by the market
  • To ensure in certain circumstances the cluster’s representation in terms of its Strategic Business Units (SBUs) through delegation by the Board of Directors
  • To respond to outside requests expressed by the local or national public powers (SRI – SI, CPER, COSEI, Industrial plans…)

In addition to its mission, the role of the Strategic Business Units (SBUs) referents involves:

  1. being proactive about the content of the events organised by the cluster and the identity of the contributors 
  2. being the cluster’s "ambassadors" by intervening in target events
  3. guiding the strategy of their Strategic Business Units (SBUs) by contributing to the evolution of the strategic road map

The S2E2 cluster’s 5 "Strategic Business Units (SBUs) referents":