published at 21/10/2014

Frédérique LEBOVITS

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) 1 "Electric production, storage and network"
Formation :

Frédérique LEBOVITS is the R&D Project Manager at the CRIGEN (Gas and New Energies Research and Innovation Centre), the centre for research and expertise at the GDF SUEZ Group, dedicated to the gas, new energies and emerging technologies industry. Specialised in the conversion and use of gas-power from renewable energies, such as Hydrogen, it coordinates several national and European collaborative projects on this subject.

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 2005, she obtained her PhD in toxicology following on from her thesis, which was carried out jointly at the Department of Bioenergetics, Structural Biology and Mechanics of the Atomic Energy Commission in Saclay and the Applied Mathematics and Systems Laboratory at the École Centrale Paris.

GDF SUEZ is a global player in terms of energy and an expert in 3 sectors: electricity, natural gas and energy services. To guarantee a continuous supply of clean energy to consumers, GDF SUEZ is constantly diversifying its power plant by integrating renewable energies (wind turbines, solar, biomass). The development of these carbon-free technologies is one of the key challenges in the Group’s strategy.