published at 21/10/2014

Governing of the

The S2E2 cluster is managed by a Board of Directors composed of 22 members elected over 3 years, whose president is Eric BEAUJEAN (Enedis). In addition, the Board of Directors is supported in its decisions by a Scientific council.
Formation :

The composition of the association

The S2E2 association is composed of 4 colleges:

  1. Representatives of the research establishments and training organisations;
  2. Representatives of the companies;
  3. Representatives of the local authorities, public establishments or other organisation participating annually in the funding of the operation of the cluster association with voting rights at the General Meeting;
  4. Representatives of the support structures (high-tech industrial research and development facilities, agencies and economic development organisations, technological clusters, clusters and business groups…).

Governance ensures that all the components are represented and directs the strategic choices.

The General Meeting

The General Meeting comprises all the members of the association split according to the four colleges. It notably has the role of appointing members of the Board of Directors, or renewing their mandates, and deciding on all matters relating to the way the association operates.

The Board of Directors

It comprises 22 members elected for a 3-year period, from the following:


College 1 : 9 representatives of research establishments and training organisations, including :
6 representatives from Centre-Val de Loire
2 representatives from Pays de la Loire
1 représentative from Nouvelle Aquitaine

College 2 : 12 representatives from companies, including :
9 representatives from Centre Val de Loire
2 representatives from Pays de la Loire
1 representative from Nouvelle Aquitaine

1 representative of the MEDEE research cluster

The main mission of the Board of Directors is to validate the strategy, the provisional budget and decide on the actions to be undertaken, which it then submits to the General Meeting vote.


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The members of the Board of Directors
President Eric BEAUJEAN, ENEDIS (Group, 37)

Christophe AYELA, STMicroelectronics (Group, 37)


Philippe FOUCHER, CEA Le Ripault (Research & training, 37)

Treasurer Olivier SIMONE, Energie Relais (SMEs, 28) 
Secretary Gérard TERAGNOLI, EDF (Groupe, 37)
Assistant treasurer Daniel ALQUIER, Tours University (Rsearch & formation, 37)
Assistant secretary Pierre WILLAMS, Sicame (Group, 19)
  • Sébastien MEUNIER, ABB France (Group, 44)
  • Thierry ALLARD, Revame (SMEs, 45) 
  • Ludovic HAMON, CNRS, (45)
  • Florent COLLIAU, NLX (SMEs, 41)
  • Arnaud DELEU, Vergnet (SMEs, 45)
  • Catherine BERNARD, Angers Universityé (Research & training, 49)
  • Sabine GUILLIEN, ENGIE Groupe (Group, 45)
  • Rémi DUSSART, Orléans University (Reseach & training, 45)
  • Emmanuel SCHAEFFER, Nantes University (Reseach & training, 44)
  • Serge VERDEYME, Limoges University (Reseach & training, 87)
  • Philippe ROCHER, BRGM (Reseach & training, 45)
  • Marc LETHIECQ, INSA Centre-Val de Loire (Reseach & training, 41)
  • Thierry LIGER, Power System Technology (SMEs, 61)
Special guest
  • Paul DUCASSE, MEDEE (Research Division, 59)

The Scientific Council

Presided over by Frederic CHAPUIS, the Scientific Council comprises 21 members nominated by the board of directors. 

The Scientific Council, which can be combined with nationally recognised experts in the cluster’s technological domains, has the main roles described below: 

  • to define and validate the key scientific, technological and industrial themes as well as the corresponding technological road maps;
  • to implement the in-house procedures relating to the emergence and support of projects.
The members of the Scientific Council
President Frédéric CHAPUIS, STMicroelectronics (37)
Vice-president Yves PARMANTIER, Orléans University (45)
  • Johann BOUCLE, Limoges University (87)


  • Jean-Charles LEBUNETEL, Tours University (37)

  • Bogdan MARINESCU, Home Centrale Nantes (44)

  • Franck BLEIN, CEA Le Ripault (37)

  • Thierry DOLIGEZ, LAN (37)

  • Uwe BRAMKAMP, Atlantic Group (45)


  • Mohamed MACHMOUM, Nantes University (44)

  • Mikael PHILIPPE, BRGM (45)

  • Nicolas UHL, AEG Power Solutions (37)

  • Marc SALLE, Moltech'Anjou Laboratory (49)

  • Catherine BARANGER, Antea Group (45)

  • Daniel COUTHOUIS, Thalès (45)

  • Pascal DORE, Legrand (87)

  • Nicolas FELIX, Vermon (37)

  • Stéphane LAGADEC, SDEL CC (44)

  • Stéphanie MULLER, EDF R&D (91)

  • Pascal LASCOMBES, Enedis (37) ​

Meeting Dates of the Scientific Council 2019

  • The 10th April
  • The 13rd May
  • The 19th June



A non-profit-making association, the S2E2 cluster was created on 12 September 2005 and labelled a competitive cluster on 12 July 2005 by the French inter-ministerial committee for town planning and development (CIADT). The cluster’s headquarters is in Tours and extends across western France in the Centre, Limousin and Pays de la Loire regions.