published at 21/10/2014

Lavoisier ARD platform

Located in Monts (37), the AlHyance platform is dedicated to a research partnership (CEA, Universities, CNRS, manufacturers) in the domain of materials for low carbon energies.
Formation :

The objectives 

To gather together the conditions to support tomorrow’s energies and develop innovations favouring growth by reinforcing academic and industrial collaborations.
To give a fresh boost to the domain of storage of clean and renewable energies (hydrogen, wind turbine and photovoltaic), so as to transport them from their point of production to their point of consumption.

The scientific themes relate to

  • The design and expertise of materials
  • The safety and efficiency of the systems
  • The synthesis and characterisation
  • The processes and implementation

Its work is structured around 3 strategic areas

  • Hydrogen: production, storage and conversion
  • Electricity storage
  • Safety of the design of components used by the systems

Partners to the Lavoisier ARD programme:

CEA, INSA Centre Val de Loire, CNRS, Orléans University, François Rabelais University 

LAVOISIER means Laboratory Targeting Innovation for Safety and Industrialisation of Renewable Energies

Did you know?

What is the ARD programme? The “Ambition Research and Development” programme is a tool set up by the Region, which consists of supporting and bringing into existence regional research and development clusters of international dimension, favouring employment and dynamism in its regions.

The Centre Region has invested 10.2 million Euros in supporting the Lavoisier programme over the period spanning 2013-2016