published at 21/10/2014

CERTeM platforms
(Microelectronics Study and Research centre)

Formation :

The CERTeM is at the forefront of innovations in the domains of materials, manufacturing processes, assembly technologies and the design of new electronic component structures.

The objective 

to group together protagonists with complementary technological skills in order to harmonise their means at the service of research projects.

  • Characterisation in power electronics and CEM
  • Electrical characterisation
  • Analysis tools

Its work is structured around 3 scientific areas:
Energy efficiency of electric systems (conversion)
Integrated systems for mobile electronics
Micro-sources of energy

The partners

STMicroelectronics, Orléans University, François Rabelais University, CEA, CNRS

The laboratories


CERTeM means Microelectronics Study and Research Centre


The CERTeM in figures:

  • 45 funded research projects (including 15 S2E2 approved projects)
  • 47 patents
  • 341 publications
  • 140 researchers among teacher-researchers, engineers, PhD students and post-doctoral students