published at 21/10/2014

Smart Building, intelligent and ecologically efficient buildings

Formation :

From industrial, service sector or private dwellings, the S2E2 projects have their applications in all types of new buildings and renovations. Thanks to the new technologies, sensors and communication networks, the building becomes more high performance in terms of energy efficiency and more intelligent to ensure the comfort, safety and health of the occupants.

Moreover, the digital and electronic revolution with the development of computing power and information storage for a very low cost opens up considerable development prospects for the ‘intelligent’ building. Eventually, these technologies will enable systems to be developed capable of adapting to human behaviour and way of life. Within this context, the cluster’s projects encompass:

  • Optimisation of energy management
  • More specific applications, such as the support of people at home.
  • The carrying out of behavioural studies for ecological-consumers’ building projects. 
  • The management of information feeds
  • The building’s interfaces with the town (“intelligent town”).
  • Geothermal science, a source of thermal regulation