published at 21/10/2014

Marine renewable energy

Formation :

The marine energies industry comprises the development of technologies and the control and exploitation of natural energy flux provided by the seas and oceans. We list: the ocean swell, the energy from the waves, the energy from the currents, the energy from the tides and ocean thermal energy (ETM), which works on the temperature gradient between the layers of surface water and the water from the depths.

The S2E2 cluster will rely on both the willingness of the Pays de la Loire and that of its members to take up the energy challenge of this industry and position itself as leader of industrial innovation.

The cluster will above all provide technological complementarity to the management and piloting issues of intermittent electricity productions and their integration in electric networks. This encompasses the necessary skills and the development of the MRE network in the Pays de la Loire region, whose major protagonists are positioned in mechanics and materials.

“A cluster with unique positioning, at the crossroads between ITC and electrical engineering technologies”