published at 21/10/2014

Ecologically efficient equipment and products

Formation :

Reducing energy consumption is a major issue for the future of our societies. In fact, electricity consumption is at the heart of the problem once you realise that it is the second highest spending category for energy in housing and one with the biggest growth. Indeed, semi-conductor components are ubiquitous in everyday life and have indisputable economic bearing.

Furthermore, the strong development of mobile electronic systems and equipment and the trend for the convergence of multimedia equipment and communication devices require the constant evolution of electronic components.

As such the challenge of this market consists of developing micro-sources of energy which, through the creation of miniature storage and energy recovery components, meets the needs of numerous applications, as well as improving performance and increasing the number of embedded functions.

In addition, through its manufacturers, the cluster has a presence in the construction of new, high-tech micro-electronic components and energy management. Within this context, the cluster’s projects encompass:

Industrial equipment (engines, alternators, converters and speed variators…)

  • Medical equipment
  • Electrical appliances and consumer electronics
  • Mobile products (Smartphone, notebook…),