published at 21/10/2014

SBU 2:
Smart buildings

Formation :

This Strategic Business Unit (SBU) integrates all the technologies linked to optimisation of the systems, improvement of communication between the systems and with the users for the integration of new applications and energy management. In addition, this Strategic Business Area (DAS) comprises all the fixed and mobile systems and equipment, whose objective is to improve their efficiency with regards to energy and also in terms of comfort, health and safety.

Objectives of the S2E2 cluster

To rely on the systems and equipment to make the building self-sufficient in terms of power, integrate it in its environment and place it at the service of its occupants

Lines of development

  • Sensors and communicating devices
  • Technical management of buildings
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Self-supply

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) referent


  Fabrice LE DAIN
  Project Developper

   Tél. : (+33) 6 66 39 55 43