published at 21/10/2014

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) 2 :
Marine renewable energy

Formation :

This Strategic Business Area (DAS) comprises the development of technologies and the control and exploitation of the natural flows of energy provided by the seas and the oceans and involves 3 categories of energy sources under development in Europe: Energy from the ocean swell and the waves (wave energy converter), energy from ocean currents (tidal power...) and energy from the morning winds (fixed and floating wind turbines…)

Objectives of the S2E2 cluster

To support the structuring approach of the MRE networks in France and the Pays de la Loire.

Lines of development

  • MRE and power plants
  • Connection to the network
  • Production machines

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) referent

Didier BENY 

Following a combined honours in electrotechnical engineering and managing companies at the IAE in Lille, Didier Bény joined the National Power System Operation Centre at EDF in Paris...

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Technological advisor

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