published at 21/10/2014

SBU 3:
Infrastructures and embedded equipments for mobility

Formation :

This Strategic Business Unit (SBU) covers the technologies necessary for the intelligent management of recharging (vehicles, two-wheelers, buses ...), also integrates the entire hydrogen chain for vehicles (storage, fuel cells) and on-board electricity (storage and associated piloting, vehicle integration).

Objectives of the S2E2 cluster

To develop innovative technologies and features related to electrical systems for mobility.

Lines of development

  • On-board electrical devices (energy, storage…)
  • Recharging infrastructures
  • Smart monitoring and connected systems
  • Hydrogen chain

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) referent


  Philippe LOYER
  Project Developper

   Tél. : (+33) 6 43 65 78 56