published at 21/10/2014

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) 4:
Geothermal science for the building

Formation :

This Strategic Business Unit (SBU) consists of implementing the technologies necessary for the exploitation of temperatures from the neighbouring subsoil, which is more stable than at the surface, to heat and cool a building or preheat domestic hot water.

Objectives of the S2E2 cluster

To structure and train the ‘geothermal science’ industry around the cluster region and the Centre Region in particular.

Lines of development

  • Rationalisation and development of the market
  • Increase in performance 

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) referent

    Catherine BARANGER

      Catherine Baranger Cotiche joined Antea Group France
      two years ago, after having spent 19 years
     in CFG Services, an engineering company
     specialised in deep geothermal energy. 

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​Person in charge of geothermal science projects

Tel.: +33(0)2 38 88 87 84 / +33(0)6 43 65 78 56