published at 21/10/2014

SBU 4:
Materials and components for electronic

Formation :

This cross-disciplinary line of development is situated at the crossroads of all the cluster’s Strategic Business unit (SBU). The technologies contributing to an improvement in performance (productivity, reliability, aging and reduction of harmonics) of the power conversion chain are grouped together in this Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Here we find the power components, the structures and topologies of the converters as well as the new electronic packaging (packaging flex, 3D integration, SoC…) and more widely the electronics boards and connections.

Objectives of the S2E2 cluster

To optimise energy efficiency across the whole conversion chain

Lines of development

  • Materials for micro and nanoelectronic
  • Electronic components (new materials, harvesting, sensors…)
  • Energy conversion equipments and communication protocols
  • Electronic industry process

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) referent


Technical Manager

Tel. : (+33) 2 47 42 49 83 / (+33) 7 86 53 38 70