published at 21/10/2014

Promote your innovations

Formation :

Promote your projects and innovative products

Making your innovative products and services public and conquering new markets 

Provide unique visibility amongst professionals in your business sector 

S2E2 communicates to a wealth of local and national, general and specialised media. In this way, news of the cluster and its members, the projects and events… are communicated, showcasing each person’s involvement.

The S2E2 cluster also organises project feedback sessions to which media and financiers are invited. 

To increase your visibility among professionals in your sector

The S2E2 cluster organises company and laboratory visits, which increase awareness about the skills of the various members of the cluster. In this way, S2E2 offers you an opportunity to develop your visibility and establish your notoriety amongst professionals in your industry.

“Communication is an essential tool in enhancing the value of your structure, your activities, your products and the collaborative R&D projects in which you participate. 
As cross-disciplinary activity, the S2E2 communication highlights the action of each person and the results of one and all!”