published at 21/10/2014

Improve your business strategy

Formation :

From supervision to meeting the protagonists of your market

Analysing the overview, the market, the new applications and services and the competitors, and meeting partners to draw up your innovation strategy

Monitor technological developpements and provide insight on market trends

The S2E2 cluster has set up multiple tools to provide an insight into the market trends. Indeed, the cluster, in collaboration with ARIST, issues a ‘letter on technological supervision’ to its members every two months, which lists the patents registered, the standards being drawn up or adopted, as well as different publications. It is a tool, which enables all of our members to have direct access to the essentials of the technological information in terms of management of electric and thermal energies, as well as energy efficiency in the building and facilities.

Access to a network of electrical and thermal energy expert

Meeting and exchanging ideas remains the best way to develop one’s partnership relations, whether they are technological or commercial. S2E2 puts you in touch with the experts in your sector of business and the protagonists in your markets.

Offer a comprehensive calendar of events adapted to your needs

In order to satisfy the expectations of its members, the S2E2 cluster organises a large number of events relating to its set of themes. These initiatives are aimed at creating the connection between the cluster’s members, to train and inform, as well as bring into existence collaborative innovation projects and add value to successful projects. 

The technological seminars: the innovation meetings

To meet one’s peers, discover new expertise, exchange ideas about the overview and its evolutions, such are the objectives of the “technological seminars”. On a given theme, S2E2 organises for its members a day of meetings and site tours around the cluster’s region in the form of workshops, which are meetings dedicated to innovation

The S2E2 meetings

Discover a company that is a member of the cluster, the products it is developing, the projects it is undertaking and the technological advances it has made… foster mutual knowledge of the S2E2 network’s members and the collaborations, whether they are technological or commercial and contribute directly to the emergence of collaborative projects. Each year S2E2 organises several company visits reserved for members of the cluster.

“S2E2 helps you to have a better understanding of your environment: market, protagonists, technological advances and competitors”