published at 21/10/2014

To develop the skills of your representatives
at every stage of innovation

The ‘extending skill sets’ section is one of the challenges of the S2E2 cluster and notably consists of satisfying members’ training needs to favour the development of innovation in their companies
Formation :

Within this context, the cluster’s mission is to boost the competitiveness of its members, develop growth and support employment in the markets relating to its strategic domains.

“To make the link between the expertise of research and training organisations and the needs expressed by the companies”

In order to support members in their bid to adapt and develop new skills, the S2E2 cluster offers its members a range of tailored training programmes.

The aims of the cluster

  • To actively participate in enriching the range of in-house training so as to boost members’ skills, improve the visibility of the existing range of training in the domain of electric and thermal energies and adopt a policy of awareness raising in terms of IP, normalisation and financing at the service of innovative companies
  • To participate in the development of training in response to companies’ needs so as to bring clarity to the key training provisions for the Cluster’s manufacturers. 
  • To accentuate the visibility of the local industry among youngsters so as to give them visibility with regards to upcoming job prospects in the industry