published at 21/10/2014

Develop your skills

Formation :

Develop the skills of your team

S2E2 reserves a special place for the development of skills: formal education and in-house training, human resource management and recruitment. Through practical tools and actions, the cluster enables you to anticipate the evolution of your markets and adapt to it.

Developing the skills of your present and future representatives for emerging or growing professions at every stage of innovation

Training sessions on innovation: short and practical modules

Throughout the year, S2E2 offers short, operational training courses (1 to 2 days), adapted to your needs: innovative project management, intellectual property, financing and development of innovation, business plans, innovative product marketing, etc. To guarantee the quality of this training, S2E2 selects known and recognised professional contributors and limits sessions to around fifteen participants.

Directory of training courses: an exhaustive overview

To train and educate oneself, search for a trainee and recruit a contributor constitute complex approaches if you are not familiar with the landscape of the training provision. Added to that, S2E2 has made an inventory of the training sessions at every level within the cluster’s region.

The GIP Alfa Centre has teamed up with the S2E2 to provide its expertise in terms of formal education and in-house training course to form and offer a new version of this directory of training courses, that is dynamic and updated on a daily basis (ref. link opposite).

“The management of a human resources policy is a strategic issue and directly contributes to a company’s capacity for innovation and competitiveness.”

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