published at 21/10/2014

An offer at the service of your competitiveness

The S2E2 service offer is geared at members of the cluster, businesses and research and training organisations from the sector of intelligent electricity technologies and smart grids.
Formation :

To offer a wide range of services

Beyond the R&D support, the S2E2 cluster places a wide range of services at your disposal, designed to boost the competitiveness of its members. This offer enables you a better understanding of your environment, to develop your innovative products, to enhance the value of your innovations, as well as to build up skills.

Favouring collaborative working

The S2E2 cluster places collaborative working at the core of its offer of services. From mounting projects to company visits, to technological seminars, you are given every opportunity to participate in this "network effect".

"Add skills to transform them into collective intelligence"

Striking up personal relationships to support your innovation approach

The S2E2 cluster relies on an operational team of 9 persons, whose role is to be as in touch as possible with its members and partners. In this way, each year the S2E2 team organises individual interviews and site visits enabling the skills and expertise of each member and partner to be identified and record their needs and expectations

To be supported in one's R&D approach

Our technological mission:

From the emergence of collaborative R&D projects and technological platforms to the increase in value of the results obtained, the S2E2 cluster supports your innovation approach.

4 phases to develop innovative products and processes

S2E2 encourages and supports collaborative R&D projects and technological platforms, associating companies, research centres and training organisations. This collaborative approach enables, among other things, the protagonists to share the costs linked to R&D.

Labelling by the Scientific Council of collaborative R&D projects and technological platforms often proves decisive in obtaining national and European funding.