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Laboratoire LMR

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Rheology (LMR) of the François Rabelais University of Tours is connected with the Mechanical Department and Systems of the Polytechnic School of the same University.
The laboratory aims to develop, widen and acquire new skills in its field of activity by a real implication in industrial projects.
The LMR’s themes of research are organized around two main areas:
• Mechanical modeling of materials: characterization of agregares materials and characterization of elastomers
• Dynamics characterization of materials and structures: signal analysis in mechanics, materials fatigue, structures vibration


Maitrise des risques - Fiabilité


Maitrise des risques - Fiabilité

Line of development

Electronique pour efficacité énergétique


Contact details

Polytech'Tours - Département Mécanique et Systèmes
7 avenue Marcel Dassault
37200  TOURS


Research Organisation
Effective : 39 (in 2016)
Year of creation : 1989
Date of accession : 01/01/2009